Webinar: Need Safety? When Design Assurance is Required and When it’s Not

On Wednesday, May 18, at 2 PM ET, Wind River and Mercury Systems will host a live webinar discussing design assurance is required and when it is not in the process of developing safety critical avionics applications. 


Aircraft and autonomous platforms use systems with design assurance to ensure safety, enabling pilots to make accurate, split-second decisions and ensuring self-driving vehicles navigate appropriately and on-time.

Obviously, safety-critical applications require different levels of assurance; but applications that don’t traditionally require safety assurance may also greatly benefit from it.

Here a list of questions the experts from Wind River and Mercury Systems will attempt to answer during their webinar next week.

  • What is design assurance/safety and what are its security and reliability benefits?
  • Is safety needed? Use cases
  • Achieving Safety Requirements: Technology and Architecture
  • Enabling Future Autonomous Aircraft – UAM, AAM & others via AI/ML/Cloud

Join Alex Wilson, Director, A&D Industry Solutions at Wind River, and Yves Mathys, VP of product management at Mercury Systems, to learn more. FREE registration is available to watch live or on-demand here: Webinar Registration.



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