Flytlink Ltd – Avionics, Satcoms, IFE and Network Consultants

Deveopers and Operators of the service.
The FLYTLINK service uses multiple proprietory techniques that significantly improves internet access speed for networks and services, whilst substantially reducing unwanted traffic, without the inconvenience of installing any hardware or software, and works with any device, it also incorporate our SmartAV DNS servers for unwanted data controls, which reduces costs substantially.

This is very specific to costly satellite links, or any links have either high response times or where quality issues due to an extensive number of concurrent users, these normally occur where the cost of provisioning the service is high, such as aviation systems.

Highly experienced consultants for short term availability
Flytlink has only the highest caliber consultants with over 30 years of experience each, specialising in short term fix’s, AOG and corporate technical representation and support within every aspect of civil avionics, satellite communications, IFE equipment and complex IT infrastructures and components, including bandwidth and policy management. On call globally and available from 1 day upwards. Full customer, vendor and MRO representation at a technical and commercial level.