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Our consultants have experience in three main overlapping sectors.


Commercial Avionics

Vendor representation, support, AOG situations, complex fault diagnosis, integration, design changes, project and personel management


Military Avionics

Bid development and solutions, high level representation and demonstrations, systems engineering and implementation



Cabin retrofits, content management, internet access distribution systems, satcom services and hardware, software and access control


Airborne Satcoms

Provisioning and rectifying of Inmarsat, Iridium, 2KU, Ka and Ku Band Satcoms systems, ATG and associated hardware and services


Terrestial Satcoms

Vsat and major earth station design and implementation to 9mtrs, training and vendor representation, point to point connectivity



Complex network management and operations, fast technical resolve, LAMP and Windows integration, distribution and configuration

Dramatically Increases Throughput, Reduces Bandwidth & Cuts Costs

The FLYTLINK fastapn service, developed and operated by us in association with Transcom, uses multiple proprietory techniques that significantly improves internet access speed for networks and services, whilst substantially reducing unwanted traffic, without the inconvenience of installing any hardware or software, and works with any device.

This is very specific to costly satellite links, or any links have either high response times or where quality issues due to an extensive number of concurrent users, these normally occur where the cost of provisioning the service is high, such as aviation systems.

Additionally, the service enhances all protocols, ports and services, even your Outlook email, exchange and streaming enjoys the same acceleration, security and protection processes without any interaction by yourself. It’s is simply plug and go, but there is also the ability to track throughput, resource usage and logs, should you wish to do so.

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